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Job Description


Responsible for all aspects of Contracts Management, including but not limited to the review of terms and conditions, negotiation with other parties, and drafting contractual provisions and amendments, to avoid contractual disputes and financial losses for the agency. The Contracts Analyst reports directly to the Purchasing Manager and indirectly to the Accounting Controller and Chief Financial Officer.


Responsible for formal bids and contract development that are in compliance with General Orders, and applicable state and federal statutes.
Analyzes projects within a department, identifying such items as the existing need for formal bids, a project scope of work, deficiencies in current vendor performance, and goals for corrective action to ensure that agency meets internal standards and accreditation goals.
Oversees the bid process to include developing Requests for Proposals (RFP), advertising RFPs / Request for Quotes (RFQ), and Requests for Information (RFI), maintains bid database, reviews bids/quotes/information received; ensuring compliance with all applicable statutes, rules, policies and procedures.
Facilitates the advertising of competitive RFPs, ensuring they appear in the appropriate publications/locations to ensure availability to the vendor community and/or distributing them to interested vendors contained on approved participant lists in accordance with applicable rules/regulations/requirements.
Retains all received bids in a secure confidential manner until public opening is held.
Maintains all appropriate documentation pertaining to the bid process, including but not limited to a copy of the bid specifications, copies of responses received, a listing of vendors that received bid copies, vendors who submitted bids, etc.
Carefully evaluates risk analysis on each vendor that submitted a bid by researching pertinent information, prepares accurate comparison reports detailing vendor risk, in accordance with agency policies.
Reviews bids to determine and/or recommend bid disposition based on an accurate and thorough analysis of the bid in terms of meeting required specifications; price, delivery, quality, vendor performance, and any other pertinent factors.
Participates on the Proposal Evaluation Committee for each project, documents meeting notes, evaluation forms and committee questions and suggestions.
Ensures contracting party is not on any suspended or debarment list(s) prior to contract approval.
Participates in contract negotiations, representing the Sheriff Office interests and ensuring that all compliance issues are thoroughly addressed.
Develops standardized language and guidelines for RFP and contract templates.
Collaborates with Legal Counsel to interpret and apply compliance guidelines to contracts.
Completes insurance review to determine liability coverage requirements.
Prepares, reviews and interprets contracts for completeness, accuracy, balance of power, state statute compliance and/or conformance with bidding specifications, purchasing guidelines, code requirements and governmental/agency regulations.
Coordinate with contract originator to resolve any complaint/deficient contractual items through revision, to ensure the legal and financial interests of the Sheriffs Office are protected.
Coordinates the internal approval and rewriting of agreements, negotiates terms with vendors and obtains final signatures from all parties.
Secures Certificates of Insurance (Cols) and copies of applicable license(s).
Researches and addresses any contract related issues.
Assesses vendor performance to ensure products, service, quality and pricing are in compliance with contract terms and identify/draft amendments to existing contracts as the need arises.
Compose well-written and timely contract/vendor related letters and correspondence as needed.
Reviews all contract renewals for accuracy, completeness, and suitability for acceptance, submitting the reviewed contract and recommended revisions to the appropriate authority for final disposition.
Completes internal review process of contracts for compliance, in accordance with agency policies.
Collaborates with agencys Relationship Manager to evaluate vendor performance and to develop strategies to mitigate any deficiencies in delivery of products/services in meeting contractual requirements.
Responsible for researching and confirming cooperative purchasing agreements for requisitions.
Coordinates with Purchasing Specialist II to establish and accurately updates vendor files per changes in contracts and/or agreements.
Suggests revisions to general orders, and standard operating procedures which affect internal processes related to procurement transactions.
Responds to questions concerning the interpretation, requirements, terms and limitations of contracts and agreements.
Maintains contract portfolio, including MOUs, in the contract management software, tracking all agreements and related information (e.g., vendors information, licenses, insurance, certifications, etc.) and proactively ensures agreements are renewed timely.
Notifies and collaborates with Relationship Manager to review/renew contracts timely.
Monitors contract portfolio to perform proper close-out, extension or renewal of agreements.
Prepares and/or amends purchase orders for initial term, amendments, extensions or change orders.
Acts as Custodian of Records for all contracts, MOUs and related documents for the agency.
Prepares response for Public Records Requests pertaining to contracts and agreements for review by the Controller.
Ensures that all retained documentation is stores in a manner that facilitates ready retrieval as necessary.
Ensures continuity and operational efficiency is obtained through accurate and timely dissemination of information consistent with agency policy and procedures.
Performs due diligence, contractual, ongoing monitoring, and termination activities to ensure completeness, accuracy, and timely contract portfolio management.
Provides regular (monthly) contract portfolio and pipeline status reports to the Purchasing Manager, Controller and/or Chief Financial Officer.
Informs Purchasing Manager and/or Chief Financial Officer of any notable concerns with 3rd party relationships and/or monitoring results.
Strong time management skills and successfully handles multiple projects simultaneously.
Strong analytical thinking and problem-solving skills to ensure procurement goals are met.
Collaborative team player to ensure Contract Portfolio Management goals are met in a timely manner.
Strong work ethic, able to work independently in a team environment.
Displays negotiation and interpersonal skills, using professional composure and courtesy.
Is resourceful and utilizes problem solving skills and delivers high quality work products.
Displays high standards of professional behavior.
Processes applicable incoming and outgoing documents and/or files in a timely manner consistent with supervisory direction and/or agency policies/procedures.
Participates in cross-training with other co-workers; assists those co-workers when the need arises and learns new tasks by working together as a team.
Reports identified or potential maintenance, safety, and/or non-compliance findings, hazards, and incidents to the appropriate personnel and/or department.
Timely completes all assignments, special projects, and budgetary requirements (if applicable) as directed, adhering to applicable agency policies.
Adheres to leave and attendance policies, including punctual arrival and completing full shifts. Informs the supervisor about illness or untimely incidents, reports overtime hours worked, and timely submits timesheet, attendance, and leave requests.
Regularly checks assigned mailbox, phone calls, PowerDMS, and email messages, responding promptly and professionally.
Makes assigned chain of command aware of anything noteworthy.
Responds to supervision, guidance, direction, and feedback from executive staff and superiors in a receptive manner and in accordance with agency policies.
Conducts themselves in a polite, helpful, courteous, ethical, and professional manner, abiding by the established code of ethics, and demonstrates a courteous and professional image when engaged in any activity with the public.
Cultivates positive working relationships with colleagues and other agency units to enhance work area output and services in line with agency policies.
Demonstrates an understanding, consideration, and respect of cultural, religious, and gender differences when interacting with the public and coworkers.
Actively participate in job-specific training.
Operates and performs minor repairs for office equipment to manufacturers specifications and/or within the specified parameters pursuant to agency policies.
Performs other duties as assigned.


Minimum Education, Experience and Requirements:

Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or university in a related business/legal field.
Three (3) years of relevant work experience required.
Associates Degree with six (6) years of relevant work experience may substitute for the four (4) year degree and meet the work experience requirement.

Certification, Licenses and Registrations Requirements:
Certified Third Party Risk Professional or paralegal designation preferred.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Proficient in using contract management software, ERP system and Microsoft Office Suite (e.g., MS Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
Competent typing skills (e.g., 50 wpm).
Knowledge of the State Statutes, guidelines and regulations governing purchases through the State Purchasing System, and competent knowledge of federal, state, and county requirements as it relates to obtaining and maintaining 3rd party relationships, the agencys portfolio and associated contracts.
Adhere to agency policies and demonstrate knowledge via oral or written testing if required, and daily performance.
Show self-initiative to contribute to departmental goals within policy boundaries, maintaining an understanding of the agencys overall 3rd party relationship needs to deliver various products, technology, and services.
Exhibit congenial and respectful behavior in working relationships.
Exercise judgment to identify and analyze problems, and develop effective solutions, exhibiting sound professional judgment, problem-solving, and negotiation skills.
Demonstrate excellent communication skills in conveying information clearly and professionally with strong written and verbal communication skills to effectively communicate to a wide array of audiences (e.g., throughout the organization, vendors, etc.).
Maintain knowledge of business practices, terminology, and banking policies.
Ability to demonstrate adequate knowledge and skill in the use of office equipment and proficiency in accounting/payroll software applications, other agency and county-specific applications as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook applications.
Efficiently organize, prioritize, and manage daily tasks and assignments with initiative, attention to detail, and ability to multi-task to meet established deadlines.
Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with internal and external personnel to foster a strong sense of teamwork and the ability to collaborate with team members to achieve high-quality results and productivity levels.
Follows all leave and attendance relates policies and procedures, including but not limited to arriving on time, completing assigned shift, timely submission of leave requests, and timely notification of supervisor of unplanned events.
Participates in training classes to enhance job specific skills, knowledge and abilities.
Performs other related duties as assigned by direct or indirect supervisors.


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